"The natural force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well."                 .






  • back pain​

  • neck pain

  • headaches

  • inflammation


  • anxiety​

  • confidence

  • grief

  • pain from a break-up


  • growth

  • remove blocks

  • feeling lighter

BUSINESS:  YES! Your business + your career are energy too!  I have worked with corporations and have seen extraordinary results


Your career goals + dreams, all of it,

can benefit from ENERGY!




My 78 year old father was diagnosed with cancer and needed to have most of his esophagus removed.  This is a “big surgery” that involved 7 teams of doctors that had to consult a board of surgeons before they could move forward. The common complications are not being able to swallow or speak after surgery.  


Ally began distance healing on my dad right after his diagnosis. My father is a notorious worrier and, in the past, has not been able to let go of negative/worried thoughts when something is happening to him or those he loves. The day Ally began her healing for my father, he stopped the worry. In fact, he stated that he’s never felt better! He was happy as ever in the weeks leading up to the surgery.  

Ally continued the distance healing, unbeknownst to him. I didn’t and have not told my father she did this for him as he doesn’t understand energy healing. He went through his surgery with flying colors. He, not only has had no issues with swallowing or speaking he had ZERO pain. NONE! The nurses and doctors couldn’t and didn’t believe him for days. Finally, on postoperative day three, they took him all all of his pain meds and just gave him Tylenol and he still had no pain.  Apparently this is unheard of after this type of surgery. 


It’s now been 4 weeks since his surgery and he’s walking (swiftly) on his own (most are using a walker by this point), eating double cheeseburgers, again not common, and literally getting better and strong every single day. His doctors and pleased but baffled at how this 78 year old man has healed so quickly! There is no doubt in my mind that Ally’s spiritual gifts are behind his amazing recovery. I cannot thank her enough. Maybe one day I will tell my dad that he had an angel on earth guiding him back to health. For now, it’ll be our little secret. Thanks aren’t enough... Love you Ally!



I was in a terrible place emotionally, I had been divorced from my wife for over 2 years. I had gained a lot of weight, she kept the friends, I was so sad. I was barely functioning, I was miserable. I had 3 healings with Ally. After the first healing, I was not so sad anymore, I was angry, really really angry. I reached out to Ally and she explained this was good!  I was moving forward, she was absolutely right! I started boxing, and it really helped me mentally and physically. I had another healing 3 weeks after the first, and had yet another break through. I felt lighter. I did not hate any more, I could think of my ex and not really feel anything. It was mind blowing. Within 2 months, I had lost weight, transformed myself emotionally, and was reaching out to people, old friends, new friends, I even started dating again. I am happy, and emotionally and physically thriving. Thank you Ally for sharing your love and light energy, I cannot recommend a kinder or gentler soul. You are my secret or not so secret healing "go to." 



My daughter received a healing with Ally, she was having a hard time finding a job, after one session with Ally, her self esteem sky rocketed!  She started going into interviews more confident, positive, outgoing! Fortunately, this healing was just before her top job choice and interview and she just nailed it!  Whether she got the job or not, she felt so GREAT about herself, that it didn't even matter.  It was such an AMAZING thing to watch. We laughed at how easy it seemed to be. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 



I never believed in myself. I was raised in a family where I learned to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself.  When I exhibited talent in something, it went unnoticed. I would offer my opinion and it was shot down, disrespected and sometimes met with hostility. I learned to take the safe route. I did not have the utmost confidence in myself. I did things I knew I could do pretty well, but not really what I wanted to be doing. I came to Ally looking for I don’t know what…confidence maybe? Happiness, Joy?  I had lost all that as the years rolled by.  

I have been working with Ally for 3 years now and my life has completely transformed.  I mastered, what I thought was my dream job and out of my realm because I did not have the formal education, and really created a beauty and success. I developed confidence.  And then decided, I really wanted to do something entirely different! Beautiful still, but entirely different.  I cannot THANK THIS BEAUTIFUL INDIGO SPIRIT, ALLY, MORE…THANK YOU!  You are beauty, light and love!

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