ally baffert


Ally is an intuitive and practiced energy healer. She has refined her skill with practice, meditation, study, and is attuned in Reiki level 1 and 2.  She has studied energy healing from several of the world’s best energy healers including Roslyn Bruyere, Diane Goldner, Deb Brockmann and Miss Patty Gould.


Ally has a very kind and friendly demeanor. She is highly empathetic and sensitive with a big heart. She is quick to laugh, and has a great sense of humor, making you feel immediately at ease.


We all have the ability to radiate love and light energy and that’s exactly what Ally does.  She has an extraordinary ability to focus energy to remove blocks, clear, charge, balance and heal the energy field. The goal being to raise your vibration to that of joy and wellness in the body, mind and spirit.

Ally has been intuitive all her life, receiving messages and insights, not realizing it was a gift until much later in life. She was drawn to energy healing after noticing the great effects she was seeing in her own life.  When her then, 17 year old son, came home from school saying he had "...felt an immense sense of peace today," she was blown away! Who says that at 17? She had been fervently radiating love and light energy all day. When asking about his day, those were the first words out of his mouth!


She has experienced many more of these instances. The "right" teachers,  books, and messages just seemed to appear out of the blue, and she could not ignore the "coincidences" any more. Thus starting her journey of EVERYTHING IS ENERGY began. 

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” 


Energy Is