What Is An Energy Healing?

Energy healing can be done in person, or long distance, just as you do not see the waves of energy that create tv, wifi, or radio, you do not have to see energy to know it exists.

Energy is a beautiful vibration that can be raised easily with thought, prayer and focused intention. Energy healing is simply focused love and light energy sent to the receiver.  By connecting to Source energy (God, Spirit) and directing it to a person, place or thing, you can literally raise the vibration/energy of the receiver. Because energy is not confined to a physical space, one can receive the same positive effects of a distant energy healing anywhere in the world. You do not need to be spiritual or even believe in energy healing for it to work. Energy Healing can be just the boost you need to transform your physical, emotional and/or Spiritual being.  


It's an easy process. Email info@theindigospirit.com for more information. But it goes something like this, for 30 days, Ally connects and radiates energy to you and your ideal outcome. She will check in with you periodically, as clarity is part of the process. And of course, if you have any questions or insights during that time, please share!

What kind of effects will I have?  

Sometimes the effects of the energy are immediate, or it may be subtle and happen over time. You may not even realize you have experienced a healing or shift until someone notices that you seem happier, or have not complained about your pain, or points it out to you! You may feel lighter in spirit. You may experience a physical release such as a cold or an emotional release that involves lots of crying, and/or anger. Your may become more clear, more empowered, happier. 


Healing can be a process. Be patient, loving and kind with yourself.

Things you can do to influence your own energy and healing:  Meditate, meditate, meditate! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, FOLLOW THE BETTER FEELING THOUGHT. Trust your gut, the most successful people do. You are an amazing and beautiful Spirit, intend to connect to that intelligent and infinite piece of you daily, it will transform your life.

What people are saying about healings with Ally:

  •  "...no doubt in my mind that Ally’s spiritual gifts are behind his amazing recovery."

  • "landed her dream job, confidence shot through the roof...amazing!"

  • "the insights and clarity I received were mind blowing, my life has completely changed, FOR THE BETTER!" 

          READY TO HEAL?




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