I radiate joy, I attract joy! I am an extraordinary nurse. I have great confidence in myself. I am greatly appreciated at work, by my family and especially my friends. I attract such loving, supportive, high vibe people in all areas of my life. I exude confidence. I am happy, grateful and thankful for the great joy I experience daily. I am deeply loved and respected. I AM LOVE AND JOY!


I am so happy and grateful for my body's ability to heal itself. I am so happy, grateful and thankful for my pain free body, especially my back. I move easily and effortly through my day and life. I experience extraordinary peace in my days and nights. I sleep like a child, deeply. I wake feeling rested and bound out of bed with ease and great joy, ready to start my day. I feel joy, love and peace, they are my natural state of being. Thank you for this extraordinarily beautiful life.


I am surrounded by loving, supportive, and joyful friends, school mates, people in general. I am so happy and grateful for the kind and loving souls I meet and interact with on a daily basis. I laugh all the time. I am constantly attracting positive, funny people! Souls that truly appreciate me in every which way!  I attract such ease in my day. I am happy, grateful and thankful for my optimistic attitude, my ease in communicating my feelings and the love I have for myself. I am this incredible and infinite Spirit, and I choose to focus on love: loving thoughts, loving people and let the rest of the s*** go! I am extraordinarily good at moving on and expanding. I am an absolutely outstanding EXPANDER, lol! Thank you for this phenomenal, incredible life I live!


I am so happy, grateful and thankful for the ease in my divorce proceedings. I am fairly rewarded, our assets are divided in such a way that I feel complete relief and GREAT SATISFACTION. I am treated with great respect. I am so excited by my settlement. I am finally free; financially, emotionally. I am strong, independent and invincible!  I am so excited, hopeful and joyful about my new life. I've got this!  I have really got this, and it feels so AMAZING!  I am exhilarated at the thought of what is next for me. I am so happy, grateful and thankful for my huge expansion of Spirit and the wonderful, loving and joyful people this expansion has ushered into my life.  How delicious my life is!

          READY TO HEAL?




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