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Meditation has been a game changer for me. I resisted doing it consistently, even when I was told by people I totally respected and even idolized, how much it would help me. I just had a hard time doing it. I thought I was always doing it wrong. Then I was told by one of my Gurus this, and it changed everything for me: I am a receiver, I receive information, like an antenna. Not everyone is. Some can get into that space of nothingness, but it is not true for everyone. A receiver meditating looks very different from someone who is not.

I felt badly about not being able to "quiet" my mind. I had to make peace with that, and once I did, this whole wonderful meditative world just opened up. I found guided meditations to be really great for me, I could focus on the words and the images those words were evoking in my mind. Very powerful things happened for me in these guided meditations.

I also got very comfortable when meditating if my mind did wonder. I realized that the images I was seeing, were very important for me and I had many aha moments and insights. Yes, I sometimes find myself thinking about my grocery list or to-do list, but I have also gotten a lot better about letting those thoughts go and re-centering my mind. I use counting quite a bit. I sometimes count from one to four, or 8, or 20, or doesn't' really seem to matter. Sometimes I inhale counting 1, 2, 3, 4 and exhale 5, 6, 7, 8. I have had very powerful things happen while I count and meditate, extraordinary things.

Meditation has helped and changed me in so many ways. It helps me sleep, it really does. I try and do it before I go to bed, its amazing the effects it has. If I do happen to wake up in the middle of the night and I go meditate, it helps me go back to sleep easily. It has transformed my life, my relationships with myself and others. It has helped me through some really bad times, it really has. It has deepened my faith in Spirit, God whatever you want to call it. I trust myself and my gut instincts more now than ever. It has helped me heal in ways I did not even think possible and to let s*** go.

When you disconnect from life and go into a state of meditation, you are opening up your channel to receive love and light energy, God energy, Spirit Energy, Universal Life Force energy, whatever you want to call it. If you can commit and do it for 5 minutes, 10 or 15 a day, it will have such a positive effect on your life. Think about it, when you open a channel to receive healing love and light energy, how can you not expand, grow or heal.

You can meditate in many different ways, and you probably do, without even realizing it. You can meditate while you are walking, shooting baskets, needle pointing, even driving, you just get into that state of relaxed focus and allowance. Maybe you draw or doodle. There is no right or wrong. So do things you enjoy, make time for them. Try deepening your meditative practice by sitting, or lying down and doing a guided meditation of some sort. There are many great ones on youtube. If you get the chance to meditate with others, do it! It is very powerful meditating with others, especially like minded souls. One of my first and most powerful experiences meditating was at a drum circle meditation, it was incredible.

Take time for you, to open yourself up to receive. LIFE CHANGING!

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