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Yes, YOU DO! You've got the POWER! What does this mean?

It means that you have control over your life, over your experience in your life, over EVERYTHING! How? By your FOCUS! Everything is energy, including your thoughts, how you see things, your experiences and your reaction to your experiences.

You having a bad day? Where has your focus been? Have you been replaying an annoying or unpleasant conversation in your head on a repeating loop? Yes? Me too! I can usually get a handle on and shift the momentum but the other day, I was on a downhill slide and there was no stopping it! I had a really bad day. It started with an annoying interaction with a loved one that went south real quick. I have a loved one that likes to control how to do things. This little Darling, likes to ask for help and then control how it's done. If not done exactly how he/she thinks it should be done, they literally have a HUGE tantrum and outburst of anger. OH MAN, was I so annoyed! I kept replaying the argument and my rebuttal in my head, trying to perfect the rebuttal over and over, and my annoyance grew and grew and GREW! This was my loop: Me,"Don't ask me for help and then control how I am going to do it! My way was faster and better!" ARGH! I get a pit in my stomach just rewriting it!

To add fuel to this out of control slide, this same individual received the call for the time window of a delivery we had scheduled this same day. I was the one receiving the delivery. I waited...and waited...and waited until I finally called the company myself, only to be told the delivery window was actually two hours later than I had been told. I was told it was an 11-1 pm delivery by my Darling, the actual window was 1-3, and it was 1 pm when I made this call and discovery! Oh, how this helped improve my day! So I said, FORGET IT (maybe a wee bit more colorfully) and decided that I am going to go do my errands that could have been done by now and if I miss the delivery, WHATEVER! I told my Darling that and if he/she wanted to handle the delivery, it was in their hands. Then I drove to Costco on the Friday before Memorial Weekend, at 1 in the afternoon, when everyone else had decided to go. The thought at this point was flat out annoyance and anger at my Darling, he did this to me!!! And it simmered as I waited in a line of traffic for 30 minutes just to turn into the parking lot. Not good! I did make it through okay, although there were a lot of annoying people in my way, haha, but at the check out, a really nice man ahead of me, said something funny, and my check out people were funny, the tide was maybe shifting....maybe.

I got home, decided to plant a few hostas I had just bought, because planting generally makes me feel better and I was really ready to feel better. It was going well until my hair somehow got tangled in some Christmas lights that we keep on our little trees under which I was planting. We keep them year round on the trees around our patio because we love them so much. I was freaking out and the harder I pulled, the more tangled it got. I had to yank out a nice chunk of hair to get undone. NOT HAPPY! Blaming my Darling for all of this too.

Part of my plan for the day was to go to Verizon to exchange my week old "new" phone. I got a lemon, it would freeze during texting, people could not hear me when I spoke, it would not let me copy or paste, it was a true lemon. I had planned to do this earlier in the day, so I could have my afternoon free, but because of infamous delivery, that was all shot to you know where. That is how I viewed it. My annoyance was raging again, I was hemorrhaging energy. There was no light at the end of my tunnel. In my mind, I was going to have to spend the rest of my afternoon at Verizon, waiting....and waiting.... and waiting. The thought of wasting a Saturday morning sounded so terrible, so I sucked it up and went. Might as well get it over with so hopefully have a better day tomorrow. So I went and I did my exchange, in under 30 minutes, surprise, surprise and had the NICEST girl. She made me feel better just by her humor and kindness. The tide was beginning to turn. I felt grateful for her and how quickly and easily I was able to exchange, they validated my frustration with my new phone, validated it was a lemon, that was really important for me for some reason, and even though I had to pay for the upgrade AND restocking fee (because I switched phones, I did not want the same one of the one I had just returned), I walked out of there feeling so much better! I had a new phone, it was bigger size wise which I really liked and it was the one my family told me to get in the first place. It was a happy fit.

Things seemed to be looking up, and on the fly, I decided to get my nails done, as a "treat yo' self" moment, and was able to get in with my favorite nail tech. As I was being pampered, I decided to get my toes done, and guess what? She had the time. The tides were shifting! I was so relaxed when I left, nothing like 30 minutes in a massage chair and pretty toes and nails and the fact I treated myself to something that was self caring, and something easy for me to do, all I had to do was pick my color and then turn it over to Anna, my nail guru. I got home and told my family that they were on their own for dinner, and I took a long hot bath. I was so happy with how I ended my day, I thought about how nice my hands and feet looked, how relaxing my bath was and how it was a lovely end, to a not so lovely day. I had started my reset. I was able to change the momentum by what I chose to focus upon.

It started here: I noticed how lovely the Verizon customer service rep was, how taken care of I felt and then that energy just EXPANDED.

In reflection the next day with a friend, I really took notice of how everything was so much better once I reset my focus. And it just started with the act of kindness from a stranger. As I was retelling this all to a friend, I had mentioned that I was planning on planting the rest of the day, and she then said wait I have some extra plants I don't want, then proceeded to give me 10 amazing plants that she put in a darling basket and told me to keep it all, this all happened by 9:30 am on Saturday. Oh how the momentum had shifted! I had a wonderful day, with my instigator, I mean Darling. I basically set my boundaries: A. Not discussing yesterday. B. Don't ask me for help anymore if going to control how I do it. C. Trust me. I am quite capable. Take it or leave it Dear.

So, YOU HAVE THE POWER too. Shift your focus by simply asking for a better feeling, or asking to be shown some kindness, or any little shift that will help you step out of your uncomfortable experience. Even noticing a pretty flower, or watching a show you love. Distract yourself from your terrible, no good, very bad day. Energy is energy is energy. The Universe does not judge energy as good or bad like we do. It just delivers what you are focusing upon. So choose your focus mindfully, and maybe generate some options for yourself that can help you shift your focus when you start to decline. I am going to do this too. You can definitely clarify YOUR EXPERIENCE and your ENERGY by where you set your focus. Focus on fun, asking the Universe to show you fun, joy, and laughter. Maybe throw in some ease and grace too, why not! Need some resiliency or back bone, just ask.

My morning mantra: I intend to align with my Higher Self and see everything from that Higher Perspective.

The negative energy, or experiences we have, are really just opportunities to clean up our focus, to help dissolve areas or thoughts that do not serve our higher good, maybe old habits, thought patterns or beliefs that do not serve our Higher Most Awesome Selves. The negative highlights the positive that we want.

YOU HAVE THE POWER IN YOU! Peace to you and wishing you joyful thoughts and focus :)

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