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How do I get motivation or stay motivated?

By honoring your SELF. By checking in with yourself daily, asking, what is it that you want today?

It is that easy. To stay motivated, ask yourself what you want, but get clear. To help clarify, ask what feeling(s) do you want to experience? Somedays you may feel inspired to do something, other days, you may just be inspired to rest. Stop deciding what it is you think you need to do and start honoring thyself and thy feelings and thy urges and thy inspirations. They are all signs from Spirit. As silly as they may seem to your logical mind, if it pops in more than once, it is for you. Sit with it, imagine yourself doing it, how do you feel? Is it fun, exciting? Are you satisfied or empowered? Do you have more knowledge? Is it joyful? Do you feel free?

After all, what is motivation? It is inspired action. If you check in with yourself daily, asking yourself what you really, really want (cue the Spice Girls Wannabe soundtrack :), you cannot miss. Its about staying on target with yourself.

#motivation #messagesfromSpirit

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