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DAYDREAMING IS A GREAT KEY TO SUCCESS AND JOY. Energetically speaking, it opens the door or pathway to your success or accomplishing your dream. How lovely is that! Daydreaming is enjoyable, even therapeutic. How fun and delicious is it to let your mind wonder? And to drift off in space, or thought or energy, about something you desire or something that brings you joy? Or reliving, a wonderful past experience, that made you cry with laughter, ooh, that is fun!

I recently caught myself with a huge grin on my face, laughing out loud, thinking about an experience I had had with some dear friends. We had been together months ago, but the joyfullness of thinking about that experience made me laugh and smile in the present moment. The gift that keeps on giving! I experienced this delightful thought, right before I was about to meditate. I often get insights, like writing this rambling thought down, before meditating.

This AM I was lying in bed, just waking up, and was thinking about my to do list for the day. Then I was inspired to daydream. It was so much fun! I imagined myself having a beautiful garden and a beautiful 2nd home, somewhere near an ocean with sunny skies. It was such a lovely way to start my day. So lovely, that I have decided to add this to my daily AM routine. Before a foot hits the ground, I am going to allow myself time to daydream. And I am allowing, not pushing, just allowing whatever it is I am inspired to daydream; whether it is a beautiful home, or a pleasant past experience, the success of a project, or even the success of another…the list is endless with possibilities and delight!

Many of the most successful people admittedly daydream. “I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking,” Albert Einstein. J.K. Rowling was admittedly daydreaming on a train when she came up with the idea of Harry Potter. These are just a few examples of highly successful people that used daydreaming to create. After all,"Imagination is creation,"Deb Brockmann.

For me, I consciously daydream for the sheer joy of it. And I use it as a mom, wife, friend, and even as a healer. We all have the ability to consciously choose our daydreams. Why not use it as a tool for yourself and others in your life? The momentum of a thought is powerful. The energy of a daydream is powerful. You can use it to solve problems, to imagine happy endings. You can use it to create something, like a house, a car, a business, a product, seeing yourself on stage, the joy of a trip. You can use it to see people in your life, happy, successful and thriving. Are you worried about your child, friend, family member or a project? Maybe your career, or a relationship? Why not use your worry as clarification for what the positive outcome looks like, and then spend time day dreaming and seeing it with the ideal outcome. Seeing something empowered, happy, successful, thriving and/or at peace is such a better feeling than worrying or being fearful. And it's a much better use of time, for YOU and YOUR concern!

But most importantly, daydream for YOU. And daydream for the sheer joy it brings you. Allow yourself time to wonder in thought. You miss a turn to the grocery store? Good for you! Get lost in your thoughts and in your dreams. Make space for this lovely recreational, highly inspiring and joyful activity! Honestly, I think it will do you and this planet, a world of good!

So, to all my fellow Daydreamers, I wish you much joy, love and laughter in pursuit of all your DREAMS!

My New AM Routine:

Day Dream


*In full disclosure, between the daydreaming and meditation, I have a couple of dogs that need food, a good scratch here and there, and some time outside (which on warmer days I partake in)

**Shameless plug: I do send energy to dreams, and the results have been delightful :) So if you have a dream, or an ache, or just need some love + light energy sent your way, click here

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